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Why you need a lawyer, not a consultant

Catherine McGhie

Catherine McGhie attended law school at the University of British Columbia and graduated with an LL.B. in 2002. She completed her articles at a national law firm in Vancouver and was called to the bar of British Columbia in 2004. After a move to Ottawa, she was called to the bar of Ontario in 2005 and practised in the area of Wills and Estates law. She joined Stevenson, Luchies & Legh in 2019 and practises primarily in the area of immigration law at the Victoria office. She is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia and the Canadian Bar Association. Whilst taking a sabbatical from the practice of law to concentrate on raising her children, Catherine volunteered with many children’s societies, including the locally run Story Studio Writing Society which engages children in creative writing. She also spent 6 months in France with her family where she immersed herself in the culture and language of France. She continued her studies on her return to Canada and received her diploma in French from the University of Victoria in April 2019. In her spare time, Catherine enjoys hiking, swimming and skiing, and is an avid spectator of her daughter’s dance shows and her sons’ baseball games. Just don’t ask her to explain the infield fly rule. Learn More

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Facing deportation after an arrest?

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Never Plead Guilty To Any Charge

Facing deportation due to criminal charges?

Unless you are a Canadian citizen, an arrest on criminal charges has the potential to severely impact your ability to continue living, working or studying in Canada. The key to dealing with an arrest is to hire a qualified criminal or immigration lawyer as soon as possible and definitely before pleading guilty to any crime.

You need professional help to successfully navigate both criminal and immigration procedures and laws. The potential consequences of a mistake at this point could be devastating to you and your family. Depending on the charges that you face, you might find yourself banned from Canada for the rest of your life. Can you afford to take that chance?

An experienced lawyer can be expensive, but the cost is worthwhile when you consider the time, money and effort that you have invested in immigration and visa applications, moving to Canada and settling into a life here. The cost of not having a lawyer can easily become higher than the cost of hiring one.

Consequences of serious criminality on your immigration application.

If you are found guilty of a crime that falls into the category of serious criminality, you may be deported and your application for permanent resident status or Canadian citizenship may be denied.

Serious criminality may be found by the Immigration Appeal Division, the Immigration and Refugee Board or the Canadian judicial system in cases where the potential immigrant:

  • Is convicted of a crime and given a sentence of more than six months.
  • Is convicted of a crime for which the sentence imposed must be at least 10 years.
  • Is convicted of a crime in another country that would result in a 10 year sentence if the conviction occurred in Canada.

If one of these scenarios applies to you, don’t feel as though you are out of options. Your experienced lawyer can help you to gather and present relevant evidence to the court or tribunal, which may enable you to stay in Canada. Evidence that may work in your favour can relate to:

  • Humanitarian and compassionate factors.
  • The seriousness of the crime for which you were convicted.
  • The length of time you have lived in Canada and the degree to which you have integrated yourself into Canadian society.
  • The difficulties that may be suffered by your family if you are removed from Canada.
  • Potential suffering that you may endure in your country of origin if you are deported.

You need an immigration lawyer, not a consultant. Here’s why.

You may have heard that an immigration consultant can help you file your application for a reduced fee. Immigration consultants often charge less for their services than experienced immigration lawyers because they have less to offer. Hiring an immigration consultant can be perilous. In Canada, immigration consultants:

  • Do not have to undergo legal training.
  • Do not necessarily understand the complexities of Canadian immigration laws.
  • May or may not be certified by the organization that governs immigration consultants in Canada.
  • Have claimed to be immigration experts even if they have no experience with more complicated immigration files or applications.
  • Have defrauded prospective immigrants by charging exorbitant fees and simply telling the clients that their applications were refused when, in fact, the applications were never even filed.

Don’t risk your immigration goals by hiring someone who may not have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. Get the peace of mind you deserve! Our immigration lawyers will help you to prepare your best possible application, maximizing your chances of success.

You can be detained if you are deemed to be a potential threat to Canada.

Violations of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act are investigated by two federal agencies in Canada; Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and Canada Border Services Agency. If one of these agencies determines that you are a threat to the nation, or if you have been advised that you must appear before at an Immigration and Refugee Board admissibility hearing and the agency believes that you will fail to attend, they can detain you and keep you in detention until your hearing.

In some cases involving serious offences, a removal order is issued, which may result in a foreign national being banned permanently from Canada. In such cases it is possible to obtain written permission to return from the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. A skilled immigration lawyer will be able to instruct you on the procedures involved.

If you have been detained or deported, or are concerned that you may be detained or deported in the future, you have the right to contact one of our experienced immigration lawyers. Don’t take chances with your freedom or your ability to remain in Canada. Get a professional on your side today.

Questions about the Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act?

Since June 2013, when the federal government passed the Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act, you no longer have the opportunity to appeal certain decisions involving serious criminality. Our lawyers, in conjunction with the Canadian Bar Association, are fighting these changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

If you are concerned that these changes to the legislation may affect you or a family member, contact one of our lawyers to find out the current status of the law and how it affects you.

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